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Expensive solutions for 100G optical access service?

The demand for 100G access is increasing and enterprise customers are looking beyond multiple 10G. So far the technical solution for service providers were 100G DWDM transponders designed for distances of multiple 100km although the distances to be bridged generally are up to 80km of the service provider’s PoP.

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Solved by CUBO mini

The CUBO mini 100G can be placed at the customer’s handover point and works as a cost effective, simple and fast to setup optical demarcation device. One port is populated with an appropriate QSFP28 transceiver to bridge the distance between the service provider’s PoP and the customer’s handover point, the other port with a QSFP28 best suited for the infrastructure at the customer’s site.

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100G optical transport applications for short distances up to 30km nowadays are simple and much more cost-effective. This is especially the case since QSFP28 transceivers have become the de facto standard and a wide range of different versions covering distances from a couple of meters to multiple kilometres. However, there are still those situations and configurations where QSFP28 transceivers reach their limits or simply cannot be used.


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