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    100G Optical Multi-Purpose Tool

    100G optical transport applications for short distances up to 30km nowadays are simple and much more cost-effective. This is especially the case since QSFP28 transceivers have become the de facto standard and a wide range of different versions covering distances from a couple of meters to multiple kilometres. However, there are still those situations and configurations where QSFP28 transceivers reach their limits or simply cannot be used.


    In some cases the reach just isn’t far enough in others the media interface isn’t the right one.


    The award winning CUBO mini 100G ODD is the solution that will resolve these remaining challenges. It’s not without reason the CUBO mini is considered to be the 100G optical multi-purpose tool.

    Media Converter

    Not the right interface?


    The interfaces provided by some equipment isn’t always what is required. What if only SR4 multimode is supported but the distance to be bridged is 1km or more?

    Solved by CUBO mini


    The CUBO mini 100G ODD transponds between two QSFP28 ports. Both ports can be populated with different types of QSFP28 transceiver. By having an SR4 transceiver in one port and an LR4 in the other, the CUBO mini works as a simple and cost effective media converter.




    Expensive solutions for 100G optical access service?


    The demand for 100G access is increasing and enterprise customers are looking beyond multiple 10G. So far the technical solution for service providers were 100G DWDM transponders designed for distances of multiple 100km although the distances to be bridged generally are within 30km of the service provider’s PoP.

    Solved by CUBO mini


    The CUBO mini 100G ODD can placed at the customer’s handover point and works as a cost effective, simple and fast to setup optical demarcation device. One port is populated with an appropriate QSFP28 transceiver to bridge the distance between the service provider’s PoP and the customer’s handover point, the other port with a QSFP28 best suited for the infrastructure at the customer’s site.


    Power Class Extender

    QSFP28 requires more power than the router port can natively provide?


    Depending on the functionality and reach of a QSFP28 transceiver, the required electrical power can be different from type to type. For this reason MSA specifies 7 different power classes defining the maximum power consumption of a transceiver.


    A lot of routers don’t natively support the higher power classes as more than 90% of the transceiver types are power class 4 or lower. Either it is not possible to use the higher power class transceivers in these routers or it is only possible by deactivating an adjacent port.

    Solved by CUBO mini


    The CUBO mini 100G ODD supports all power classes on both QSFP28 ports. It therefore can be used as a power class extender for those cases where a transceiver is required that has a power class that isn’t supported by the router.



    Just beyond the reach of a QSFP28 transceiver?


    Sometimes the fiber length is just beyond that of what can be achieved by a pair of QSFP28 transceivers.

    Solved by CUBO mini


    The CUBO mini 100G ODD has a built in high quality clock and data recovery chip. It therefore is a cost effective repeater for QSFP28 transceiver to help extend the reach.







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    Game Changer


    The CUBO mini 100G ODD is clearly labeled to make the operation as simple and intuitive as possible and offers an intuitive WebGUI interface for monitoring and controlling.


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